Vision of the Surajmal University

Fueled by optimism,ingenuity and a sense of responsibility, the university seeks to accelerate its purposeful impact in the world. The scale and urgency of challenges facing the world today require that it should move faster to accelerate its purposeful impact in the state, country and world by adopting a new way of    working that may enable the stake holders to tackle long standing issues facing the society and the planet and allows them to nimble when faced with unexpected threats. 

The strategic imperative of embedding ethics in everything, the university proposes to do shall be integrated across its vision, which shall be focused on-

·        Equipping students with latest knowledge, technical know-how, skills and boldness to succeed by providing the final year students an opportunity to earn while learning and by working on real time live projects;

·        Leading globally in producing high-impact research for society;

·        Fostering

·        Accelerating solutions to the world’s most pressing problems;

·        Enhancing the knowledge domain;

·        Advancing education for our students, who are determined to make a difference;

·        Supporting our diverse community of faculty, students and staff.

Our vision shall be to aim high; strive to control our destiny; be accountable

for our actions and exercise responsive stewardship; be inclusive; treat each other with dignity and respect so that we could promote citizenship, value, excellence, quality and service and foster innovation and creativity. The university shall also make efforts for imparting the value of learning, self-worth and quality presentation among the students which shall ensure their evolution and accountable participation in the society.

          University shall also create an ideal environment in which the students, faculty and staff thrive and the university is recognized as a leader among the other universities in-Teaching and scholarship; Research and discovery; Engagement and public service; Economic development; Health care; Arts and culture and global reach.

As per the guide lines set by its mentor, the university will form a system which will transform lives and serve the society by educating, creating knowledge and putting knowledge to work on a large scale and with excellence.