College of Science & Technology – Programme

1 B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)
2 B.Tech. (CSE) with specialization in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
3 B.Tech. (CSE) with specialization in Data Science
4 B.Tech. (CSE) with specialization in IoT, Cyber security Including Block Chain
5 B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
6 B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
7 B.Tech. (Chemical Engg.) with specialization in Desalination and water Treatment
8 B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)
9 B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)
10 B.Tech. (Electronics and & Communication Engineering)
11 B.Tech. (Sustainable Energy Engineering)
12 B.Sc.(IT)
13 M.Sc.(IT)
14 Bachelor in Computer Applications(BCA)
15 Master in Computer Applications(MCA)

We observe that the quality of drinking water is continuously depreciating in all parts of the country as well as at global level. It is one of the main reasons of the bad health of the inhabitants.  When we look for the reasons of poor water quality, we observe that some of them are- dumping of treated and untreated waste materials, poor quality of excreta evacuation, damaged and rusted pipelines, draining of minerals, fertilizers and soil elements in the water channels during rainy season, anthropogenic and land related activities etc. Due to all these factors the water of some of the reasons has become acidic which leads to the diseases of skin, stomach and teeth. In some of the reasons of the state, the villagers, mainly   ladies travel the distances of 3-4 kms for fetching water of daily use. Over industrialization in Tarai reason of Uttarakhand (the place where this university is located) has led to shortage of agricultural land and when the available land is treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides at large scale for procuring maximum production then all inhabitants face the chaotic problem of environment disorder.

In an attempt to address all these problems faced by the people of the region and state in particular and country on the whole, Surajmal University proposes to impart the required training to the students with research component by initiating the teaching of B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering with specialization in desalination and water treatment. 

With an aim to address concepts of Chemistry, Solid and Mechanics, Chemical Engineering basics, petrochemicals, chemical plant designing and operations, Surajmal University is starting the course of B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, where the students shall be provided with a curriculum of specialized concept of Chemical Engineering with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of chemical management and extraction concepts. This study shall enable the students to be parts of pharmaceuticals, fuels, plastics and vehicles industry.

            College of Technology of Surajmal University is starting B.Tech course in Civil Engineering as it is one of the core branches of Engineering which influences almost all spheres of life. It potentializes the learners to design, create and build structures efficiently making the best use of available resources and techniques and helps them to have career options in the diverse fields such as Building control surveyor, CAD technician, Consulting civil engineer, Design engineer, site engineer, structural engineer, Rural and urban transport engineer, etc., to mention only a few. Students shall also be given exposure to software learning relevant to industry and it will be ensured that they are industry ready after leaving the college life and are easily adaptive to the new environment through skill development based courses. They will also be given exposure to automation in construction, 3D printed houses, AI & ML applications in the field of planning and IOT for efficient project management.