The end of the year 2021 has got the opportunity to witness the culmination of the dreams of its founding father, Swami Satya PrakashanandSaraswati ji in the form of university by carving a niche for itself as a center for fostering and developing the body, mind and spirit of its students. The university is totally committed to this three-fold flowering of its students by blending of academic excellence and real-world experience with moral values. This university is being developed with ethos of its own, quite different from others. It believes in motivation of its students in such a way that their endeavors and interests could transcend all type of boundaries. We believe in providing them such an atmosphere where they do not seek to maintain status quo nor settle for observing change; they rather hope to be powerful instruments of change using their dynamic verve and inculcated sacraments to make their contributions to the world.

Objectives –

  • To extend the benefits of higher education to economically and socially backward class students of the area (main motive of its founding father) and to the physically disadvantage group
  • To impart learning into disciplines meant for societal concern and rural development
  • To become a role model institution of higher learning where efforts are to transform the students into good human being in addition of the advanced and latest training in the field of their study
  • To offer need-based courses in collaboration with industries
  • To provide interdisciplinary courses of study and research from lab to land and lab to product and to allow flexibility in the curricular mix as opted for by the students and user agencies
  •  To establish relation with renowned Indian and foreign universities and facilitate mutual exchange programs
  • To establish linkages with business and service sectors and to refine the syllabus and offer education accordingly
  • To explore the applications of ancient technology and make efforts for incorporation of the same into the syllabus, satisfying today’s and tomorrow’s requirements
  • To undertake extra mural studies, extension programs and field out activities for all round development