Management of Surajmal University, Kichha

The chairman of Surajmal Laxmi Devi Sawarthia Educationmal Trust Group of Institutions, Kichha (U S Nagar) and the Chairman of Surajmal University, Kichha, Shri Swami SatyaprakashanandSaraswati ji has always been the proclaimer of the fact that education plays very important role in alleviation of poverty by societal, economic and educational upliftment of the people; it improves health and productivity, drives gender parity and promotes opportunities for upward mobility. While being here in this part of the country, he always observed that only quality education can spark a pursuit of knowledge, can foster confidence and self-esteem and can help inhabitants of the region to maximize their potential and engage in a meaningful manner in the civic, cultural and social aspects of the society.

Under the visionary guidance of Swami ji, the educational trust (SLSET) has set up nine institutions in the memory of Late Sri Surajmal Agarwal ji, who was a resident of Bari Pacheri, District-Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan). His family comprises of his very devout, humble and gentle lady Smt. Laxmi Devi, who is the mother of six very promising sons of high moral values and mother of two cultured daughters. Her elder son Sri Naveen Kumar Sawarthiya and another son Sri Ramesh Kumar Sawarthiya are the trusties of SLSET group of institutions. The nine institutions are-

  • Surajmal Agarwal Kanya Mahavidyalaya (P.G. College)
  • Surajmal Agarwal Girls College of Management
  • Surajnmal Agarwal Kanya Mahavidyalaya B.Ed. College
  • Surajmal Agarwal College of Engineering and Management
  • Surajmal Agarwal Girls College of Nursing
  • Surajmal Agarwal College of Paramedical and health Sciences
  • Surajmal Agarwal Degree College (for Boys only)
  • Surajmal Agarwal College of Polytechnic
  • Swami Satya Prakashnanad Eye, Mental and General Hospital

Surajmal University is the culmination of the dream of Guru ji Swami SatyaprakashanandSaraswati ji, which he had visualized around seventy-six years ago while on a visit to this place in the process of searching for medicinal plants for the welfare of mankind. He very minutely observed the backwardness of the region in economic as well as in the educational front. He has proclaimed on several occasions that economic development is a manifestation of macroeconomic dynamics which involves a series of qualitative, quantitative and structural transformations, both in economy and in educational sector, particularly in scientific and technological domain. He is the disseminator of the theory that education helps in the development of the qualities of an individual such as his physical, mental and emotional make-up as well as his temperament and character what is called personality.  It is basically the spirit of altruism that permeates the Indian psyche, led to the foundation of this University.

          The management is committed to excellence and strive to meet the strict guidelines demanded by the concerned organizations and provide the latest hightech teaching methods to the faculty as well as the students. Our quality initiatives shall enable us to be efficient, creative, thus providing quality education to all students at reasonable rates. We will ascertain those students who can’t afford their fees are not deprived of education as we will provide them with reasonable fee concessions. The management shall aspire to take the university to new heights through generating and propagating new ideas of global significance based on research and innovations. The trust will also ensure that the university imparts quality education of international standard for solving societal problems which is the main mantra of Swamiji. University shall work hard to cultivate skills for solving real life problems also. It will also ensure that Surajmal University enthuses leadership qualities with futuristic vision to its students and installs entrepreneurship spirit and realization of social responsibilities along with the incorporation of following five conceptual categories in its teaching learning process-

  • Imparting information
  • Transmitting structured knowledge
  • Students-teacher interaction
  • Facilitating understanding
  • Conceptual change for intellectual development

The University will also work to use new innovative teaching learning technologies in the best interest of its all-stake holders. Prominent among them shall be-

  • Inquiry based learning
  • Project based learning
  • Creation of flexible learning environments
  • 3D printing for creation of hands-on models
  • Gamification
  • Flip classrooms
  • Cloud Technology