Surajmal institute of water analysis, water resource development and management

We observe that the quality of drinking water is continuously depreciating in all parts of the country as well as at global level. It is one of the main reasons of the bad health of the inhabitants.  When we look for the reasons of poor water quality, we observe that some of them are- dumping of treated and untreated waste materials, poor quality of excreta evacuation, damaged and rusted pipelines, draining of minerals, fertilizers and soil elements in the water channels during rainy season, anthropogenic and land related activities etc. Due to all these factors the water of some of the reasons has become acidic which leads to the diseases of skin, stomach and teeth. In some of the reasons the villagers, mainly   ladies travel the distances of 3-4 kms for fetching water of daily use. Over industrialization in Tarai reason of Uttarakhand (the place where this university is located) has led to shortage of agricultural land and when the available land is treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides at large scale for procuring maximum production then all inhabitants face the chaotic problem of environment disorder. Water in some areas has become undrinkable due to the leakage from the factories which contains harmful and poisonous metallic elements like lead, cadmium and mercury as well as poisonous organic chemicals like- PCBs, dioxins, poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, petrochemical and phenolic compounds. In addition of these facts, we find pathogens in food products and water like Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp. as well as Campylobactyer jejuni, Microsporidia spp., Cyclospora spp., Yersinia enterocolitica, Calciviruses and environmental bacteria like Aeromondas spp., Leginoella pneumophila and multi-medicinal resistant bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In the best interest of all living creatures the assessment and treatment of water is of prime importance. In order to address all these problems, an institute of water analysis, water resources development and management is proposed in the university in the second phase. In this institute, it is proposed to undertake the studies of surface water, ground water, water management, environment along with studies related with isotopes, Geomatics, water science and extension. We shall have the facilities of adequate classrooms, labs along with high end equipment for pursuing quality research. Students of this institute shall be awarded post graduate and research degrees on the basis of their performances and examinations related with the award of these degrees.  It is also proposed that the institute shall have MOUs with national and international institutes of repute where our students shall visit for hands on experiences and the scientists as well as students/research scholars of these institutes shall also visit our institute for interaction and studies of the geographical terrains of this region.