Professional Studies

Top Professional Courses offered:– Bachelor of Vocational Education

  1. B.Voc. (Hospitality Management)
  2. B.Voc. (Airport Management)
  3. B.Voc. (Retail Management)
  4. B.Voc. (Banking and Finance)
  5. B.Voc. (Patient Care Management)
  6. Diploma in Community Medical Service and Essential Drugs.
  7. Bachelor of Designing (UX & UI Design)
  8. PG Diploma with specialization in UX & UI Design ALML DSCT.
  9. B.Sc. CS with specialization in AIML DSCT UX & UI Design.
  10. BCA with specialization in DSCT UX & UI Design.
  11. B.A. (Fashion & Interior Design)
  12. B.A. (Gamming & Animation with VFX)