College of Visual Arts and Design

With an aim to provide a system to nurture, establish and grow creative and innovative ideas, develop global platform for design thinking and develop designers, managers, entrepreneurs and social leaders with creativity, strategy, communication and organization as four pillars of design value, Surajmal University is proposing to establish a college of arts and design from the ensuing academic session. It is an established fact that art stimulates the imagination, opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination. The study of art on one hand enhances problem solving skills as well as boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment while the study of design focusses on planning, designing and creating things called products. Study at this college shall open help the students to have following job opportunities –

•             Ceramics Designer

•             Enameller

•             Fashion Designer

•             Fine Artist

•             Graphic Designer

•             Illustrator

•             Textile Designer

•             Spatial Designer

•             Advertising

•             Animator

•             Art Gallery Curator

•             Arts Administrator

•             Cad Technician

•             Design And Development Engineer

•             Marketing Assistant

•             Photographer

•             Set Designer

•             Signwriter

During the course of study in this college, the students shall also get an opportunity to learn- architecture, media communication, fashion, multimedia, graphic design, fine arts, advertising, film making, animation, comic art, drawing and painting, furniture design, web and multimedia environments, photography, product design, sculpture, Interior design and other new branches in arts and design.  

            This college shall also make efforts to conserve the cultural heritage of the region through arts and design techniques.