स्वामी सत्यप्रकाशानन्द सरस्वती
प्रेरक एव संस्थापक
सूरजमल अग्रवाल लक्ष्मीदेवी सावरथिया एजुकेशनल ट्रस्ट
“विद्या प्राप्ति मात्र रोजगार मूलक एवं उदरपूर्ति के साधन तक ही सीमित न होकर परिवार कल्याण, मानव सेवा , समाज के उत्थान एवं जीवन के उत्कर्ष का कारक होना चाहिए ”
Swami SatyaPrakashananad Sarashwati ji
Actuator and Founder
Surajmal Agrawal Laxmi Devi Sawarthiya Educational Trust
“Education should not be only limited to be the means of employment and feeding for appetite but should be for family wellbeing, human welfare, social upliftment and source for advancement of life. ”
                                                                                                             Swami ji

Surajmal University is fortunate enough to have Swami Satyaprakashanand Saraswati ji as the guiding force to lead the university on its path of success at a very fast pace. If we look for different paradigms of educational philosophy like- perennialism, essentialism, behaviourism, progressivism, reconstructionism and existentialism then we find the conglomeration of all these philosophies in the ideas of Swamiji. He is strong believer of the theory that education should stand for knowledge, values, skills, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Swami ji is strong believer of the fact that education should be for man making, life giving and character building. He is strong propagator of the fact that education gives the ability to think with reason, pursue dreams and aspirations in life and live a respectable life in the society. He believes that education frees our minds from the prejudices and motivates to think with logic and region. It is essential for the overall development of the human mind and brain. He also preaches that education should have a formative effect on the character, individual’s physical and intellectual capacities. The growth and increasing of knowledge or skills requires training in education, a learning process in general. He has directed on several occasions that education should be imparted in such a manner that it helps in the development of individual skills in different ways, so that it has both intrinsic and instrumental value. He believes that an educated person can understand various problems of individual life and thus can take appropriate decisions to resolve them. He feels that education should play meaningful role in every aspect of our life. He advocates that educated mind and good heart should be combined to create revolutionary changes in the society as according to him, individual’s personality is the sum total of person’s quality, characteristics, attitudes, quirks, psychological traits, beliefs and motives which make up his/her personality.                

          Under his supervision, the University shall ensure that education imparted in the university is a process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits and personal development. We will ensure that education helps all the students in increasing confidence in various ways like communication, decision making, meeting challenges, receiving feedback and improving self-confidence. Ethics teaching shall also be the part of education as it will help us to take right path and adopt the right things.  University administration and teachers shall also ascertain that education is an essential process for inculcating values to enhance the learner in such a way that they can lead a life that is gratifying to the individual in accordance with the cultivated values as well as with the ideals of the society.