Work Culture @ SMU

Surajmal University, Kichha aims to broaden the horizons of people and society by imparting excellent higher learning through innovative and globally accepted methods. The University has a strong foundation and an aesthetic value based system. It emphasize on manpower that possesses the zeal and acumen to work together as a team. We wish to perceive integrity and dynamism in our academicians and personnel. We believe that there is a need of agility and compatibility in our present educational system as well as in our educators. These educators have a great responsibility ahead that can be fulfilled by learning new methods and sharing this knowledge with future leaders of the society.

Surajmal University believes in long term Associations and ensures a healthy and lucrative working atmosphere. It guarantees a better professional as well as personal life to its employees. It intends to provide excellent learning opportunities to the academicians. It shall motivate them to excel and grow. It will indeed be the founding faculty who will create and mold an educational institution ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

We welcome people with a passion for their work. If quality of work makes you happy, you are welcome to SMU  Family.

Apply for the current openings. Please send your CV in pdf format to mail –