Surajmal Agrawal Laxmi Devi Sawarthiya Educational Trust

Surajmal University is the culmination of the dream of Guru ji Swami Satyaprakashanand Saraswati ji, which he had visualized twenty years ago while on a visit to this place in the process of searching for medicinal plants for the welfare of mankind. He very minutely observed the backwardness of the region in economic as well as in the educational front. He has proclaimed on several occasions that economic development is a manifestation of macroeconomic dynamics which involves a series of qualitative, quantitative and structural transformations, both in economy and in educational sector, particularly in scientific and technological domain. He has ordinated us on several occasions that educational institutions should be for transmission and reception of knowledge. He is the disseminator of the theory that education helps in the development of the qualities of an individual such as his physical, mental and emotional make-up as well as his temperament and character what is called personality.  

Sawarthiya family has been fortunate enough to respond the call of Swamiji for establishing educational institutions near and around Kichha. In compliance of the instructions of our revered Guruji we decided to establish following eight educational institutions in the memory of Shri Surajmal Agarwal ji, who was a resident of Bari Pacheri, District-Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan).

  1. Surajmal Agarwal Pvt. Kanya Mahavidyalay
  2. Surajmal Agarwal Girls college of Management
  3. Surajmal Agarwal College of Engineering and Management
  4. Surajmal Agarwal Pvt. Kanya Mahavidyalay (B.Ed College)
  5. Surajmal Agarwal Girls College of Nursing
  6. Surajmal Agarwal College of Paramedical and Health Sciences
  7. Surajmal Agarwal Degree College
  8. Surajmal Agarwal College of Polytechnic

Keeping in view the continuous demand of residents of the region and

of the whole society, we are now venturing in the direction of establishing this University,  SURAJMAL UNIVERSITY. Me and my younger brothers in the family- Sri Jagadish Kumar Sawarthiya, Sri Ramesh Kumar Sawarthiya, Sri Deepak Kumar Sawarthiya, Sri Vimal Kumar Sawarthiya and Sri Nawal Kumar Sawarthiya have become part of this noble societal cause.