Surajmal Institute of process control and analytical chemistry

Uttarakhand has abundant resources of medicinal and aromatic plants and some information related with their importance and usefulness is available in the traditional knowledge system which is to be scientifically validated under scientific protocols. There is an urgent need of an institute within the state which can contribute on following domains-

  • Medicine manufacturing and development
  • Chemical and forensic analysis
  • Process development
  • Product standardization
  • Quality control
  • Toxicology
  • Advanced knowledge in the arena
  • Facilitate the advancement of technology
  • Educate and train
  • Network, benchmark and interact with peers

The proposed institute shall have high end facilities for analytical techniques along with facilities of HPLC, Ion Chromatography, Electro Chromatography and Spectroscopy in order to facilitate the proper analysis, recognition at national and international level and marketing of all medicinal plants of the state. This institute shall also have the facilities of analysis through MATLAB, LABVIEW which are generally used in the analysis related with minerals, ceramics, non-ferrous metals and chemical factories by machine learning, artificial intelligence and Genetic algorithms so that the students could learn the techniques for procurement of high-end products. Students of this institute shall be awarded post graduate and research degrees on the basis of their performances and examinations related with the award of these degrees.  

The institute shall have the facilities of adequate classrooms, labs along with high end equipment for pursuing quality research. It is also proposed that the institute shall have MOUs with national and international institutes of repute where our students shall visit for hands on experiences and the scientists as well as students/research scholars of these institutes shall also visit our institute for interaction and studies of the geographical terrains of this region.